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ioStation 24c: Recording Skype with Loopback (Windows only)

Published July 13, 2021


The ioStation 24c has a Loopback feature available to Windows users, outlined in section 3.1.2 of the ioStation24c manual. This feature allows the user to be able to record Skype sessions in Studio One or other DAW, along with any computer audio playback.


Note: Please first ensure proper ioStation 24c setup in Windows and Studio One:


To enable Loopback:

  1. Open Universal Control
  2. Select "Virtual" in the Loopback dropdown box




To set the ioStation 24c as your audio device in Skype:

  1. Open Skype
  2. Go to Settings > Audio & Video
  3. Set Audio input to "Mic/Inst/Line In 1/2 (ioStation 24c)"
  4. Set Audio output to "Main Out 1/2 (ioStation 24c)"







To set up Studio One I/O with a New Song open using the ioStation 24c template,:

  1. Open Studio One
  2. New Song > Interfaces > ioStation 24c template
  3. Click Studio One > Options > Audio Setup > Song Setup
  4. Click "Add Stereo"
  5. Map L to Virtual in 1, R to Virtual in 2
  6. Rename this Input "Virtual Input 1 + 2"
  7. Click "Apply" then the "OK" buttons






To setup the tracks in Studio One:

  1. Change the existing Stereo track source to "Virtual Input 1 + 2" and change the track name to the same.
  2. Mute this Virtual Input 1 + 2 track, enable recording, and disable input monitoring.





Pro User Tip: With Virtual Loopback enabled in Universal Control, muting the Virtual track in Studio One before enabling recording helps avoid a feedback loop. This is because Studio One by default will auto-enable input monitoring when enabling recording. Another workflow method to further help avoid unwanted feedback loops when using the Loopback feature is to disable this auto-monitor feature in the Studio One Options:

  1. In Studio One, Click Studio One > Options...
  2. Click Advanced > Console tab
  3. Uncheck "Audio track monitoring follows record"





For more information on unwanted feedback, please refer to this article.



Your ioStation 24c is now set up to record the Skype session audio along with your mic input.

In addition, all other computer audio can be recorded.





Please contact PreSonus Technical Support by creating a Support Ticket at for further assistance.

>How to create a support ticket<



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