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AudioBox GO: Connecting to your iPad and using the Capture

Published , 2021

Updated May 20, 2022



PLEASE NOTE: Before connecting the AudioBox GO to your iPad you must first connect it to your Mac or PC and download Universal Control. Please then update the firmware on the AudioBox GO. See the following article for assistance with this.

AUDIOBOX GO: How to Update the Firmware



Please note: You will need to use an Apple camera connection adaptor in order to provide power to the AudioBox GO when it is connected to your iPad. The type of adaptor is dependent on the connection that your iPad uses. Please see our iOS compatibility article for more information.

PreSonus Hardware iOS/iPadOS Compatibility




There are two versions of Capture on the Apple App Store, Capture Duo, and Capture. Capture Duo is the free version of Capture and offers a two-track recording facility. Capture is the fully featured version and allows up to 32 tracks simultaneously.


1. Connect the AudioBox GO to your iPad using either the Lighting to USB A camera connection kit adaptor or the USB C to A camera connection kit adaptor. (This is dependent on the connection that your iPad uses)






2. Connect the camera connection adaptor to an external power supply to ensure that your iPad can be charged and that your AudioBox GO can be powered. *Please ensure that you are using the power supply that came with your iPad otherwise the AudioBox GO will not receive enough power.



3. Your AudioBox GO should now power on and the red LED will come on.





4. Open Capture and you should be able to see the AudioBox GO automatically as your audio device at the bottom of the Capture window. Create a new session by pressing the + button.







5. This will create a new Capture session for you with two audio tracks. If you are not using the two inputs on the AudioBox GO then you can delete one of these tracks. By default track 1 will be routed to input 1 (combo input/mic) on the AudioBox GO while track 2 will be routed to input 2 (instrument input). Please ensure that your track is armed to record (white dot, red circle) and press the white dot record button at the bottom of the capture window to record your input. If the speaker symbol next to the record button is enabled then this means that you will be monitoring the incoming audio signal through Capture. 








Please contact PreSonus Technical Support by creating a Support Ticket at for further assistance.

>How to create a support ticket<




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