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Revelator io44 Start Guide

March 11, 2022


Your first step to get the most out of your Revelator io44 is to download Universal Control from the following link:

Universal Control


1) Launch Universal Control and you should now see an icon of your Revlelator io44 as shown below.




2) Next we want to download and install Studio One. We have an article that shows you how to do this in the following link: How to download and install Studio One 



3) Studio One should be now installed on your computer so let's start the application.




4) Once Studio One has launched you will need to select the Revelator io44 on the start page by clicking Configure Audio Device. 




5) Select the Revelator io44 from the drop down menu. 




6) You will see an icon of the Revelator io44 and then Select New Song. 




8) In the New Song window, name your Song and choose the directory in which you’d like it saved. You’ll notice a list of templates on the left. These templates provide quick setups for a variety of devices and recording situations. The section will describe creating a Song from an empty session.




9) Click on Song>Song Setup to set your sample rate and resolution and configure your audio I/O.




10) Click on the Audio I/O Setup tab at the top of the window.




11) From the Inputs tab, you can enable the Mic/Inst, Headset, and Stereo Line Inputs for your Revelator io44, as well as the Stream Mix Inputs that you’d like to have available. We recommend you create a mono input using Input 1 of your Revelator io44 and two Stereo Inputs; one for Stream Mix A and another for Stream Mix B.




12) Click on the Outputs tabs to enable any or all of the outputs on your Revelator io44. In the lower right corner, you will see the Audition Select menu. This allows you to choose the output from which you will audition audio files prior to importing them into Studio One Artist. In general, you will want this to be the main output bus.




Power User Tip: If you would like this I/O configuration to be the same every time you open Studio One, click the Make Default button.


Check out the following link for further information on using the Revelator io44:

Revelator io44 Owners Manual



Please contact PreSonus Technical Support by creating a Support Ticket at for further assistance.

>How to create a support ticket<


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