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Studio One 3.3 - compatibility issue with Melodyne 2.x

Thanks to everyone who attended yesterday's webcast - which was a lot of fun - and thanks everyone here who already posted their feedback on the update. We're glad to see that most of you are enjoying the new features. At the same time we're sorry to hear that a few of you are having problems running the new Studio One version on their systems.

Although our software undergoes hundreds of man-hours of beta testing, we cannot avoid bugs from ending up in a release version. In this case, we didn't recognize that there's a compatibility issue with Studio One Professional 3.3 and older versions of Melodyne.

Here's what we know so far:

Studio One users running a Melodyne version older than 4.0 (Essential or Editor) can't launch Studio One 3.3 after updating. Only Windows operating systems seem to be affected. There's no problem with Studio One Professional 3.3 and Melodyne 4.

If you're currently running Studio One Professional with the included Melodyne Essential 2.x, there's a very simple solution: you can upgrade to Melodyne Essential 4 for free! All you need to do is log into your MyPresonus account, navigate to your Studio One 3 Professional downloads, scroll down to "Extra Downloads" and download the latest Melodyne Essential installer. This installer will upgrade Melodyne Essential 2 to version 4.

If you're running Studio One Professional with Melodyne Editor 2.x and don't wish to upgrade to Melodyne 4, please stay on Studio One 3.2.3 for now and give us a little time to fix the problem and issue a Studio One 3.3 maintenance update. If we come across another solution to this problem, we will post it here and in the PreSonus Knowledge Base.

Once again, apologies for this inconvenience.

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