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Mac OS X 10.11 - El Capitan - Compatibility Statement

Q: Is my PreSonus software and hardware compatible with Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan?


PLEASE NOTE: As Apple makes updates to their new OS X El Capitan in coming weeks, such updates may alter our current known issues and compatibility with El Capitan. 


Hardware and Control Software:

UC Surface v1.4 v34686 or later with:

  • StudioLive 32.4.2AI
  • StudioLive 24.4.2AI
  • StudioLive 16.4.2AI
  • StudioLive RM32AI
  • StudioLive RM16AI


There is a known issue with the pre-release of 10.11 GM Seed where SMAART does not work that is resolved with the beta of 10.11.1. This appears to be an Apple related issue that will be resolved when they release an update.

If you need SMAART, then stay on 10.10.5 until Apple releases an update and we've had an opportunity to validate and update this page. 


UC Surface (1.4.1, 1.4.2, or 1.4.3)

  • Studio 192

Update Dec 10, 2015: Please read our updated Studio 192 Mac OS X compatibility statement here


Universal Control v1.7.3 (with Virtual StudioLive) with:

  • StudioLive 24.4.2
  • StudioLive 16.4.2
  • StudioLive 16.0.2
  • FireStudio Project
  • FireStudio Mobile

Known Issue: Universal Control Version 1.7.2 and older WILL NOT work with Mac OS X 10.11, you MUST upgrade to version 1.7.3, more info on UC 1.7.3 can be found here:

Universal Control 1.7.3 Release Notes and Update information

PLEASE NOTE: If you have done an upgrade to 10.11 El Capitan instead of a clean install and you are experiencing problems with your StudioLive Classic or FireStudio device, we recommend doing a full manual uninstall of Universal Control 1.7.2 and a new install of Universal Control 1.7.3+.


See here for StudioLive Classic:


See here for FireStudio family:


FaderPort with firmware v.1.3.8


AudioBox Series Running Class Compliant with no driver / control software installed:

  • AudioBox 1818VSL*
  • AudioBox 44VSL*
  • AudioBox 22VSL*
  • AudioBox iTwo
  • AudioBox iOne
  • AudioBox USB

Known Problem: Starting with Mac OS X 10.11, AudioBox VSL control software no longer works, the control panel will not pass audio (i.e. no audio input, no meters, no audio playback from system) with AudioBox VSL Software installed. Please refer to this article here that explains the issue in more detail and how to resolve it.  

SL Room Control 1.0 with:

  • StudioLive 328AI
  • StudioLive 312AI
  • StudioLive 315AI
  • StudioLive s18AI


Software Applications (minimum version):

  • Studio One 4.6
  • Studio One 3.0.2
  • Studio One 2.6.5
  • Notion Conducting 2.0
  • Notion 4.0.329
  • Notion 5.2.380
  • Progression 2.0.329
  • Progression 3.1.374
  • Room Control 1.0.28178
  • Capture 2.1


* Other problems we are aware of:

- SMAART does not work with Mac OS X 10.11 (General Release), however it does work with the current release of 10.11.1 (which is out now here) and any above releases. SMAART also works with 10.10.5 on the same systems, so this appears to be an issue caused by Apple. 

- Studio One 3 has a minor issue where, when the application is launched, the startup screen will not be seen and the program Start window will just appear, this is a minor issue which will be addressed in a future Studio One 3 update.  

El Capitan is now the latest commercial release of Apple's OSX series of operating systems. PreSonus developers have been testing El Capitan with our equipment and participating in the Beta, even prior to El Capitan going into its Public Beta phase. PreSonus and many other companies in the industry have direct interaction with Apple as they continue with their development of their new OS. This allows us, and our music industry family, to get as clear of a picture on how their new operating system works and interacts with our gear prior to its commercial launch. As many of the Public Beta participants have seen throughout the course of the open Beta, changes and updated builds have been released over time. Apple made changes and fixes for many initial issues that come about during early development, paving the way for El Capitan's commercial launch today. 

What does that mean for PreSonus users?

Since we have not yet fully qualified the commercial version of El Capitan with our currently shipping product lines, you may encounter or experience some issues with the initial release and usage of this brand new operating system. Please reach out to us and let us know what you find. This will not only help us to locate and work on correcting any issues that might pop up initially, but additionally aid everyone in the PreSonus family. Some fixes can take a bit longer than others, so bear with us as we work hard to qualify and fix anything that may pop up during our testing.

As you know, Apple is quite a secretive company, keeping many specifics close to their chest, all the way until launch day. This secrecy even extends outward to any and all developers outside of the Apple-MacWorld walls. The various beta versions shared with external developers and even within the public beta (prior to the actual commercial release) do not ever fully reflect the final, commercial version that has made the cut to be the "Golden Seed" for the final public launch.

This means that PreSonus, like every other company that utilizes Apple's operating systems, will be highly focused on qualifying this new software to ensure that it works with existing gear and software. Users may note a short grace period from the time of commercial launch today, which we will need take in order to fully test El Capitan with all of our current hardware and software. Once this is evaluated and reviewed, PreSonus will release a public compatibility statement which will list our recent findings, alert you to any issues and any minor fixes for drivers or software that are currently being addressed as fast as possible.

In the event that you update to El Capitan in the next several days, there is always a potential that you may experience some issues. These may be similar to those that we may also note as we work to fully quantify this new OS with our equipment. Should this become an issue for your daily operations, utilizing PreSonus products (recording, studio work or performances), please revert back to the previous operating system you were originally working with.

Apple has already posted a 10.11.1 beta that is being tested to address issues not resolved in the "GM Seed Release" that we are already working with. 

For customers running Studio One 3 Professional, Studio One 2 Producer / Professional or Notion 5 who may not be using a hardware solutions from PreSonus, please check with the hardware vendor for the audio interface that you are using to see their compatibility statement. 

For customers running 3rd Party Plug-ins with Studio One 3 Professional, Studio One 2 Producer / Professional or Notion 5, please check with the software vendor for your plug-in for their compatibility statement. 

**Please note: As a rule of thumb, especially when working in a recording studio environment or while in the middle of a digital audio recording project, it is never advised to make major changes to the recording environment. These changes include such things as updating your drivers, updating software versions, and especially updating your operating systems. One should never make such major changes to their recording environment until you have completed said projects. Once you have a gotten to a safe point, it would then be advisable to take the time to back up and/or make an image of your computer as a precautionary safeguard should anything bad occur during the update/upgrade process. Once this step is completed, it is a good time to do some intel gathering. Please take a moment and check in with us via to see if there are known issues, issues currently being addressed and look for a comprehensive compatibility statement article released to inform everyone about how El Capitan interacts with our products. Once you have checked and double-checked that you are free and clear of known compatibility issues or bugs, it is fair to assess that you can update and upgrade your system. 


This rule of thumb is commonly known as "One of the First 5 Rules of the Studio". 




To report any issues, please contact PreSonus Technical Support by creating a Support Ticket at for further assistance.

>How to create a support ticket<



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