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iOS 8.4 Compatibility Statement

After initial investigation and testing by the PreSonus Technical Support team, iOS 8.4 does not appear to introduce any new issues with any Presonus apps for the iOS platform.

iOS 8.4 for iPad is approved for use with the following applications (current versions on App Store):

* UC Surface

* SL Remote Ai 

* Room Control 

* Capture Duo 

* Capture

* SL Remote

* AudioBox 1818VSL Remote

* Studio One Remote

* Notion

* Progression

iOS 8.4 for iPhone / iPod Touch devices is approved for use with the following applications (current versions released on App Store):

* Q-Mix Ai

* Q-Mix  

UPDATE: August 17, 2015

Apple released iOS 8.4.1 update for their Apple Music product on the evening of Saturday August 15, 2015.

We do not believe this should be an issue for PreSonus users as it is targeted at a specific product in the Apple iOS product line. 

We will continue to monitor and accept feedback for customer issues/concerns.  To report any issues found, please submit a support request here: Contact Technical Support

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