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Microsoft Internet Explorer on Windows 8 - Does not properly display registered products

We've encountered a problem as of late where a lot of people have been emailing and calling us to report that after registering their products, they go back to their accounts to find nothing is there. And trying to re-register just turns up that the products are already registered. 

We are as frustrated as you may be if this is happening to you and we want to help you get to your stuff. 

For reasons beyond explanation, Internet Explorer 11 (as of very recently (last few weeks of this article being written)) has been having issues lately where it will cache old web pages instead of showing what you're actually accessing.

To resolve this, please clear out your recent browsing history in Internet Explorer and try again.

See this knowledge base article from Microsoft on how to do just that:

If it still persists, then consider downloading another free browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla FireFox.

You may be asking, "well I don't want to use another browser". That's ok, Internet Explorer requires more care and feeding than other browsers due to the heavy amount of coding that is embedded in it. In an effort to save on time need to load web pages, browsers will often store a version of a web page the first time you visit it. Then when you revisit the site, instead of loading what's actually there, it will load the cached (stored) page it has stored already on your local computer. Unfortunately for systems such as ours, this does not work as the content changes, (ie your product registrations for example). To get past this embedded storage you need to clear your browsing history, even then it may not be enough. Microsoft may have a cached version that it prefers you look at rather than what was in your system or the page you're actually trying to access. Sounds crazy right? 

To solve this conundrum, we suggest that you download and install one of the following alternate browsers:

- Google Chrome

- Mozilla FireFox

There are others, however these are the two that work the best for us. 




To report any issues, please contact PreSonus Technical Support by creating a Support Ticket at for further assistance.

>How to create a support ticket<



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