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Scratch Pad Crashing Fix

If you experience a crash (complete closure of Studio One 3 with error message) while attempting to use the Scratch Pad feature see the following: 

To fix you will have to remove a file from your Studio One Preferences folder. 

To do this: 

1. Open Studio One 3

2. Go to "Help" and click "Go to Settings Folder".

3. In the new window that appears find the "Studio One.settings" file and drag it to your desktop. 

(You want it to be removed from this folder.)

4. Close Studio One 3

5. Reopen Studio One 3. If you are prompted to import Studio One 2 settings decline.

6. Check that Scratch Pad is working. 

If this doesn't seem to fix the issue, try removing the entire Studio One 3 settings folder and restarting Studio One 3. Again, decline to import Studio One 2 settings if prompted. 



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