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StudioLive Series III Console - Factory Reset

Updated Nov 11, 2020. 


Factory Resetting your mixer is a quick and easy way to clear all user data on your mixer and reset it to its factory default settings. It will not revert or change the currently installed firmware version. It only resets the mixer's settings and parameters to their default state.

NOTE: See here for StudioLive Series III Rack mixers


Video Instructions can be found here:

StudioLive Series III - How to factory reset your StudioLive Series III Mixer (Video)


Performing a Factory Reset

1. A Factory Reset will clear all user data from the mixer, including any Scenes or Presets that you've created or modified and saved on the mixer. If you would like to keep any of these Scenes or Presets, you will need to save them to a computer using UC Surface.  Instructions to do so are found on this Knowledge base article: How to Backup and Restore your StudioLive with Universal Control


2. To Factory Reset your mixer, simply power on your mixer while holding the FX button (in the Master Control section, next to Home). Once you see the "PreSonus" splash screen, you can let the button go.




The mixer will take slightly longer to boot up as it clears all user data and resets the mixer to Factory Defaults, including re-writing all factory scenes and presets.


NOTE: As of Firmware 1.4.12465, if you have an SD card inserted in the mixer when you perform a Factory Reset, the mixer will also back up all of it's user data to the SD card, into a folder named /a/Presonus/. This is intended as a troubleshooting tool for Tech Support. Copying of the user data means that in this case Factory Reset will take longer than usual, so be patient. You can delete or disregard this folder, unless instructed otherwise by Tech Support.


Once the boot completes, your mixer is User-Data will now be cleared.

At this point you may re-load any Scenes or Presets back to the mixer that you saved to your computer from before in UC Surface.


To erase firmware updates/installations to the Factory firmware, please review this article:

StudioLive Series III Console - Reverting to the Factory Firmware Image



Please contact PreSonus Technical Support by creating a Support Ticket at for further assistance.

>How to create a support ticket<



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