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MacBook Pro - Late 2016 - Compatibility Qualification

PreSonus has been working over the last month qualifying Apple's latest MacBook Pro series. These new systems feature only USB-C ports and the use of plug-in adapter cables must be used for all peripheral connections including USB and 1394 devices. 

PreSonus QA has completed it's assessment of this new system. 

We have found that all our Applications are compatible:

  • Studio One 3.3.3 (Tested Version)
  • Notion 6.0.1 
  • Progression 3.1
  • Capture 2.2
  • Room Control 1.0
  • Worx Control

Using the USB-C to USB-A adapter provided by Apple as well as some 3rd party adapters appears to work well with the following software: 

- USB Audio Series Interfaces with Universal Control 1.8.3

  • AudioBox iOne / iTwo
  • AudioBox 1818VSL, 44VSL, 22VSL
  • FaderPort and FaderPort 8
  • AudioBox USB*
  • Studio 192** / Studio 192 Mobile **

We have confirmed from our own testing and from customer reports that for 1394 support you must purchase two adapter from Apple. The USB-C / Thunderbolt 3 to Thunderbolt 2 Adapter and the Thunderbolt 2 to 1394 Adapter. Plugging these in sequence with a PreSonus 1394 FW800 or FW400 product works. 

- FireStudio Series with Universal Control 1.7.4

  • FireStudio Project
  • FireStudio Mobile
  • Studiolive 1602
  • StudioLive 1642
  • StudioLive 2442

- StudioLive Ai Series with Universal Control 1.8.3 

  • StudioLive 32Ai
  • StudioLive 16Ai
  • StudioLive RM32Ai
  • StudioLive RM16Ai
  • StudioLive RML32Ai
  • StudioLive RML16Ai 


We have identified a couple of compatibility issue where by the MacBook Pro (Late 2016) has an issue with correctly connecting to USB 1.1 and USB 3.0 audio devices not being seen by the bus correctly.


* The AudioBox USB is a USB 1.1 device and upon instantiating the interface in Sound Devices the AudioBox USB will drop off the USB bus. Further attempts to use different USB-C adapters or a USB-C to USB-B cable resulted in the same result.

** We have seen isolated incidents where the Studio 192 also has connectivity issues with the USB-C adapter. 

In both cases both products work perfectly well with previously produced Mac systems. 

Apple has been notified of these issues. They have not given any indication of when we can expect a fix. 


The device drivers for our interfaces are provided by Apple. The Studio 192 uses UC Surface for control, yet just like the AudioBox USB the driver is provided by the Mac operating system. 

We have determined that putting a powered or un-powered USB hub between the AudioBox or Studio 192 and the computer resolves the connectivity issue. Our Tech Support group had been recommending using a Multi-TT hub, however that is not necessary as any USB 1.1, 2.0 or 3.0 Hub will work fine.

For these issues, we suggest contacting Apple about when they can provide an update so a Hub does not have to be used. 




To report any issues, please contact PreSonus Technical Support by creating a Support Ticket at for further assistance.

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