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Studio One 6: Not Able to Arm a Track

Below you will find a list of reasons as to why you are unable to arm a track and record in Studio One...


1.  Uninstall your antivirus software.  We have seen multiple different AV software prevent access from Studio One to the hard drive.

2.  Make sure that you have installed the latest driver for your audio interface.  If you are using a PreSonus device, here is a link to our downloads page...

3.  Some Cloud solutions will prevent access to your User Data folder.  Your User Data folder is set in Studio One under Studio One>Options (Preferences on a Mac)>Locations>User Data.  If this folder is being uploaded to a Cloud storage platform in real time, you may not be able to access it.  For this reason, we recommend removing your User Data folder from the Cloud technology that you might be using, i.e. iCloud Drive, OneDrive, or maybe even DropBox.

4.  If the program does not have "Write" access to your user data folder, this can prevent you from being able to record.  Your User Data folder is set in Studio One under Studio One>Options (Preferences on a Mac)>Locations>User Data. 

5.  On more rare occasions, "Controlled Folder Access" in Windows 10 can prevent you from writing to a folder.  Here is a link to a Microsoft article on disabling this function.

 6. If you are on a Mac, please take a look at the following article on how to allow permission for access to the microphone:


7.  Disk Compression.  If your User Data folder for Studio One is compressed, Studio One may not be able to write to it.  On Windows 10, compressed folders appear with two small blue arrows on it.  You can right-click a folder and go to Properties>General>Advanced to disable compression or you can right-click the entire drive and go to Properties>General to uncheck the box for compression.  Press "Apply" and your computer will decompress the drive.


***Here is a link to the PreSonus Windows 10 optimization article.  We recommend reading through this to get the best performance out of a Windows PC.

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