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Updated July 1, 2022


Before proceeding, please be sure that your computer has the latest Universal Control installed.

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How do I do a mixdown with Capture?

No mixing is done in Capture directly. Instead, the individual outputs of each audio track in Capture are hardwired to the FireWire returns for each corresponding input channel on the StudioLive mixer.

Thus, with the FireWire returns engaged for each input channel on your StudioLive mixer, the output of your multitrack Session is routed to the StudioLive mixer, where it can be mixed just like any other audio inputs.

Can I open my .capture sessions in Studio One?

Yes. You can open your .capture sessions directly in Studio One. All of your edits and markers will open up with your audio.

I don't own a StudioLive, can I still use Capture?

Capture was specifically created for use with the PreSonus StudioLive series mixer and will only work with that device. It is not possible to configure any other audio device for use with Capture.

Can I listen to my .capture sessions without my StudioLive?

Capture was designed to be fully integrated with your StudioLive series mixer. Because of this, it does not have a mix bus like other DAW applications. In order to hear a two-track mix of your Capture session, you will need to connect your StudioLive and enable the FireWire returns.

Will Capture for iPad work with my StudioLive Ai console?

Capture for iPad will not work for the StudioLive Ai Mixer series.


Capture stopped recording, but did not crash, what should I do?

Occasionally, a bus-interrupt may cause Capture to drop out of record. If this happens, simply relaunch Capture. If the problem persists, restart the system and reopen the application. If you still cannot record for long periods of time, make sure you have optimized your computer for audio recording and have enabled the Legacy 1394 driver (Windows 7 only). If the issue persists, contact PreSonus Technical Support for further assistance.



Can I use Capture to punch in?

Because Capture is tightly integrated with the StudioLive series mixers, you cannot listen to both the analog input and the FireWire return on the same channel. Because of this, Capture does not offer a punch-in feature. All StudioLive owners receive a free copy of Studio One Artist, which does offer a very robust punch-in feature. We suggest that for higher level recording needs, StudioLive users utilize Studio One or another professional DAW application.


How do I name my markers?

Simply double click on the marker you wish to rename. This will open a dialog box will open that will allow you to edit the marker name.


Can I record stereo files in Capture?

Yes. This feature was added to version 1.1. To enable stereo recording, link the two channels you wish to use as the source with the link button in the meters section.


How do I listen to the tracks I recorded in Capture?

Tracks in Capture correspond directly to their channels on your StudioLive. Simply engage the FireWire Return or USB buttons on your StudioLive. To hear the Auxiliary Input stream, engage the Main FireWire return button in either the 2TrackIn or Control Sections.





Please contact PreSonus Technical Support by creating a Support Ticket at for further assistance.

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