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Capture - Recording a Session

Updated July 1, 2022


Before proceeding, please be sure that your computer has the latest Universal Control installed.

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Step 1: Set Input Levels

Setting the proper input level is critical to making a good live mix and a good recording. The basic idea is to set the input gain on the StudioLive mixer as high as possible without overloading the input. Overloading the input will cause clipping (digital distortion), which is particularly unpleasant and will ruin the recording. This damage cannot be undone in software. There is a clip indicator for each input on the StudioLive mixer for this purpose.

If an input channel is not clipping on your StudioLive mixer, you can be sure that it will not clip in Capture. Refer to your StudioLive Hardware Owner’s Manual for the proper level-setting procedure.

You will monitor live audio input on the StudioLive mixer; there is no separate monitoring capability within Capture. Please refer to your StudioLive Hardware Owner’s Manual for information on creating monitor mixes.




Step 2: Arm Tracks for Recording

To record to an audio track, the track must be record-enabled, or “armed.” Capture provides two Record Enable buttons for each input: one on the track and on the meter bridge. Once an audio track is record enabled, you are ready to record audio to that track.




Step 3: Hit Record

To activate recording, click on the Record button in the transport. The Record button will turn red, and the Play button will turn green. The playback cursor will start to scroll from left to right from its current position, and new audio events will be recorded to record-enabled tracks.

Recording will continue until you manually stop it by clicking on the Stop button in the Transport or by pressing [Spacebar] on the keyboard.

When you press Record, the Session automatically locks. This prevents you from accidentally stopping recording Session. You must disable Session Lock before you can stop recording.








Please contact PreSonus Technical Support by creating a Support Ticket at for further assistance.

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