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Faderport 8/16 Select Control Menu

Published April 6, 2022


Select Control Menu:

There are a number of operational modes that you can use to your advantage when working with the Faderport. Below will be information regarding the Select Control Menu.




To get to this options menu, you will first need to: 

  1. Power off the FaderPort 8/16
  2. Hold the first and second "Select" buttons on the FP8/16
  3. Power the unit back on
  4. Once the unit has powered up and displays "Select Control Mode" across the top of the scribble strips you can release the Select buttons


You are now able to select the Mode of operation. 


Modes of operation in Order: 

  1. Native Mode  (Studio One) 
  2. MCU (Cubase, Logic, Ableton)
  3. HUI (ProTools)
  4. Midi Mode (for MIDI CC  Control)
  5. Setup*
  6. Exit. 
  7. Blank
  8. Blank




Starting with "Setup" or option 5 there are a number of features and functions that you can perform to ensure the functionality of the Faderport. 



1. Tune Faders

     With this feature you are able to select the Fader Speed at which the move once you press an option (1-7) the Faderport will Calibrate the Faders to that speed. This can take a few minutes. DO NOT power off your Faderport while the test is happening.


2. Tune Touch Sensitivity

     This feature allows for the ability to test the Sensitivity of the Fader caps. As you push lightly on the fader you should notice that the "Select" buttons will light up green. This indicates that the sensors are working. 


3. Factory Default

    This function will reset the Faderport to its original Firmware. This is useful when testing issues that could be firmware related. 


4. Tests

     There a re a couple tests to perform in here and they are as follows: 


  • Mardi-gras Mode: This mode will move the faders and light up all the buttons available on the Faderports. This shows whether there are any Faulty LED or Fader Motor malfunctions 


  • Turn LED's On/Off: These 2 buttons will activate the LED's Check for any LED's that do not light up


  • Set LED's Red/Green/Blue: Will set the corresponding LEDs Red, Green or Blue


  • Test Inputs: this will allow you to test the Input responses. You can see the responses to the different button presses inside the scribble strips. These numbers show that the unit is inputting as normal. Keep in mind the top position of the Fader should be "102" whole the bottom is 0.



5. Display Settings: 

This section will allow you to change both the Brightness and Contrast of the scribble strips on the Faderport. you can control the Contrast by using the Large Encoder in the Transport section of the Faderport. 


The three options for Brightness are, Dim>Medium>Bright





After you've seasoned your Faderport to your liking with the options in Setup, you are ready to get started with connecting your unit to a DAW. 


Please see this link for Setup for the Faderport 8/16 >>    <<

>>User Manual<<

>>QuickStart Guide<<




Please contact PreSonus Technical Support by creating a Support Ticket at for further assistance.

>How to create a support ticket<



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