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Revelator Dynamic: Getting Started Guide

Published 5th April 2022

Updated May 20, 2022



This short guide will help you set up your Revelator Dynamic for audio playback and microphone input on both Windows & Mac computers.


  • Please connect your Revelator with your headphones and to your computer via USB.





  • Then to get the most out of your Revelator Dynamic ensure that you have downloaded and installed Universal Control onto your computer from the following link: Universal Control







Next, select your Revelator Dynamic as your audio playback and microphone input device. The following steps outline how to perform this on a Mac or PC computer : 


For Mac Computers:

A. On the bottom of your screen you should see the System Preferences icon, click on it.







B. Then click on the Sound icon.







C. Select Revelator Dynamic as your Output device.



Please Note: If you are in Single mode as opposed to Multi-Mode you will not see Revelator Dynamic Stream Mix A/B.







D. Now click on Input and select Revelator Dynamic for your sound input.







For Windows Computers:



1. Click on the start icon in the lower-left corner

2. Click on the Settings gear icon







3. Click on System







4. Click on Sound






5. Click on “Choose your Output Device” and choose Playback L/R (Revelator Dynamic)



6. Click on “Choose your input device” and choose Mic 1/2 (Revelator Dynamic)







Set the Headphone level with the Volume knob on your Revelator Dynamic. By default, this controls the output level of your headphones. While in its default state, the knob will be not illuminated.







If you wish to Mute the Mic then press the knob and it will turn red. You will still be able to listen to audio from your computer while your mic is muted.






Set the Microphone Input Level (Gain)






If your Microphone Input level is too loud, the Volume knob will flash red. This means that your input signal is “clipping,” and will begin to sound distorted. To correct this, turn the knob counter-clockwise until you no longer see any red flashes. 







That's it, you're all good to go!




For additional information on using the Revelator Dynamic Microphone, please refer to the manual found here:  Revelator Dynamic Microphone Manual



Please contact PreSonus Technical Support by creating a Support Ticket at for further assistance.

>How to create a support ticket<




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