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StudioLive Series III: How to use your StudioLive Series III with external hardware in Studio One with Pipeline and Interface Mode

Published Mar 8th, 2022

Before proceeding, please be sure your firmware is updated on your StudioLive,

StudioLive Series III Console - Firmware Update

StudioLive Series III Rack mixer - Firmware Update

Latest Universal Control:



In this article we will cover how to setup your Series III mixer to use external hardware on audio in Studio One that is already recorded. 

This example has the following being used. 

We are using the external hardware connected to the Mix Outputs 13/14 & 15/16 and returning audio into AUX inputs on the mixer. This is a stereo based setup for external equipment. This will help with permanent hooking up the external equipment and not use up inputs/outputs on the mixers main analog inputs/outputs that are commonly used for tracking instruments and for musicians monitor etc. This would be a common studio based type setup. 


Step 1: Ensure you are using the most up to date Firmware/Universal Control

When you launch Universal Control and it's not updated you will be prompted to update. Once done please ensure your mixer is running the latest firmware. 

Please see the following knowledge base article to update your mixer.

Please see the following knowledge base article to update your rack mixer.

Step 2: Making the connections

Connect your StudioLive console to your computer using a USB connection, the USB cable that came with your mixer is perfect for this. We are going to use the the last channels on the mixer for this rather than the AUX inputs, this way if you are using a StudioLive Series III rack mixer this article will also help. 

If you wish to use the AUX inputs on your console then you will need to review this article and adjust your I/O accordingly. 


1st PreSonus BlueTube v2. 

  • Connect Mix outputs 13/14 to the inputs on your external device. 
  • Connect the outputs from the external device to inputs 29/30

   2nd PreSonus BlueTube v2. 

  • Connect Mix outputs 15/16 to the inputs on your external device. 
  • Connect the outputs from the external device to inputs 31/32


Step 3: Place your StudioLive into Interface Mode

In Universal Control/UC-Surface open the settings page and place the mixer into Interface mode. 


Please ensure you read up about Interface mode and how it works. 


The most important part to understand about Interface mode is that audio can be sent directly from Studio One to your Mix Outputs on the mixer. There is no requirement to create AUX sends etc. 

Its important to understand that to send audio to Mix Output One then USB sends start at 39+, meaning

  • USB send 39 = Mix Output 1 
  • USB send 40 = Mix Output 2
  • and so on......

Step 4: Setting up Studio One and your StudioLive

Open the song session use used in this example, the song session is located at the end of this article. 

If you open Song Setup > Audio I/O Setup > Inputs you will see that inputs are set to Ch 29/30 & 31/32 which is the outputs from the BlueTube into the mixer. 


If you open Song Setup > Audio I/O Setup > Outputs you will see that the outputs from Studio One are being sent out 51/52 & 53/54

In Interface Mode

  • 51/52 = Mix Outputs 13/14
  • 53/54 = Mix Outputs 15/16


Please refer to the Interface mode article that details all the USB sends and what they are. 


Step 5: Getting audio passing and recording

Once you are at this stage you may press play in Studio One, please ensure any speakers/headphones are lowered down. 

Let us work on Track 1. Press play and you will see Track One playing audio out of Studio One into your StudioLive and directly out of Mix Outputs 13/14. The outputs of your BlueTube are coming back into the mixer on channels 29/30

In Pipeline setup BlueTube 1 send and returns. 


Now, raise the fader for channels 29/30 and you will have have audio from Studio One going out of your StudioLive's Mix Outputs into your BlueTube and from your BlueTube into into channel 29/30 inputs on the StudioLive and back into Studio One and being processed by Pipeline. Any adjustments made on the BlueTube can now be heard and Pipeline is working its magic. 

Simple repeat the above for your second BlueTube. 

Now you have 2 options. You can continue working on your Studio One session and have you desired Studio One audio sent to your BlueTubes or you can record that external processing to your Studio One session. 

To record the BlueTube processed audio while using Pipeline then simply create a new Stereo track. Assign its input to be BlueTube 1, record enable the track and press record. 


If you would like to use the Studio One v5 Template as shown in the above example then please download this file. 

Studio One v5 and StudioLive Pipeline template session. 

Point to note. 

  1. You need to ensure that all your sends, channel faders, gain on external equipment is all set correctly and you understand how one setting impacts another. 
  2. The above example is using a StudioLive that has started on a fresh Project/Scene with all routing and setup being set back to defaulted status. 
  3. The above is a guide to using inputs/outputs on the mixer on high channels to allow for normal tracking to be done on lower inputs. This is just one means to setup such a configuration. You can of course return and send audio into any combination you wish. 
  4. This article covers using any type of external device with Studio One and your StudioLive
  5. This article covers using stereo based external equipment. Mono based external devices use Pipeline Mono.


    Please contact PreSonus Technical Support by creating a Support Ticket at for further assistance.

    >How to create a support ticket<





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