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Studio 24c: Setup an Audio Track in Studio One

Published March 21, 2022


Many PreSonus users like to use our custom-made templates that set up Studio One for your specific hardware device. This ensures that your interface/mixer is fully configured for recording in Studio One as illustrated in the video below. 

Studio One Template Setup Video


Alternatively, you may wish to build your song from a completely blank canvas one track at a time. If for example, you are using just a small number of tracks this method can avoid unnecessary onscreen clutter while creating a streamlined workflow for your music/audio project.


1. Launch Studio One and select New Song 





2. Then select Empty Song 





3. Then select Add Audio Track (Mono) 





4. On your new track, click on 'None' and then select Audio I/O Setup from the drop-down menu.   





5. Under the Inputs tab, click on Add (Mono) and Input 1 should appear. Select the dark square and the letter M will appear in the box and will turn a lighter color.  You can repeat this for a second input if you wish. 




6. Connect your mic, guitar or keyboard to input 1 on your interface.



7. Then click on the Track Record icon which will illuminate red when engaged.




8. Check that your input is set to Input L - Input 1.  To change the input channel simply click on the input and select the desired input as illustrated below





9.  Turn off the software Monitoring icon




10. On your 2|4c, turn the Mixer knob to 12 o'clock. This controls the volume balance between your recorded audio and what you are recording during your performance.





11. In Studio One on the bottom of the screen, click the Record icon in the Transport control area which will also illuminate red when engaged.





12. You should then see your audio been recorded




13. To stop recording simply press the Space Bar on your computer's keyboard. Press the spacebar again to playback the recorded audio.



14. Repeat the process for additional tacks as you require them. If you are unable to hear audio or it is very low then please see the following article on gain staging.

Getting Started with Gain Staging




Please contact PreSonus Technical Support by creating a Support Ticket at for further assistance.

>How to create a support ticket<

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