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Revelator io24: How to record a Skype call using Studio One

Published Jan 16, 2022


This article outlines how to record a Skype call using Studio One and the Revelator io24

Please note: On Mac, your Revelator io24 must be set to "Multi-Mode" in Universal Control.


1. From the Skype menu, go to “Audio & Video Settings.”


2. Under Microphones, select “Revelator IO 24” This will route the audio from your Revelator io24 to your Skype call.


3. Under Speakers, select Revelator IO 24 Stream Mix A or Stream Mix B from the Speaker menu. In this example we have selected Stream Mix A.


4. Create a new song In Studio One. Please ensure your Revelator io24 Stream Mix A is selected as the audio device in the "Configure Audio Devices" section. Select the Revelator io24 template. 




5. Arm the stereo track to record and then record your Skype Call using the transport control.





 Please contact PreSonus Technical Support by creating a Support Ticket at for further assistance.

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