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Troubleshooting the PreSonus Hub on Windows

If PreSonus Hub shows that all the plugins you have installed in the Hub are activated in the Hub, then you should see them in your DAW of choice. If you do not, then please go to the VST3 folder on your PC and see if you can see a file labelled "PreSonus VST3 Shell.vst3". If you see that, please try deleting the spaces in the filename. Please ensure you do this with your DAW CLOSED. Then, relaunch the program and see if you see the plugins listed in the plugins list wherever that is in your DAW. 


If you continue to see an error message, or this does not resolve the issue, please follow the steps below:


-First, uninstall the Hub from the Windows Control Panel. After doing so, please go into c:\Program Data\PreSonus.


***If you do not see "Program Data" under your c:\ drive, please take a look at the following article from Microsoft that provides instructions for showing hidden files and folders on your system.,folders%2C%20and%20drives%20and%20OK.


-Once you are in c:\Program Data\PreSonus, please delete the following 3 folders...




"License Store"


"PreSonus Hub"


-After uninstalling the Hub and removing those 3 folders, go to C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3 and delete the folder named PreSonus VST3 Shell.vst3 if it is still there.  


-Finally, re-install the PreSonus Hub.  Here is a link to a kb article with information about installing the Hub.


-If you are having issues with the installation then it is advisable to run the PreSonus Hub as admin and test the installation of the extensions again.




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