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Troubleshooting the PreSonus Hub on Windows


-First, uninstall the Hub from the Windows Control Panel. After doing so, please go into c:\Program Data\PreSonus.


***If you do not see "Program Data" under your c:\ drive, please take a look at the following article from Microsoft that provides instructions for showing hidden files and folders on your system.,folders%2C%20and%20drives%20and%20OK.


-Once you are in c:\Program Data\PreSonus, please delete the following 3 folders...




"License Store"


"PreSonus Hub"


-After uninstalling the Hub and removing those 3 folders, go to C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3 and delete the folder named PreSonus VST3 Shell.vst3 if it is still there.  


-Finally, re-install the PreSonus Hub.  Here is a link to a kb article with information about installing the Hub.





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