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Installing the PreSonus Hub

Once purchased, the PreSonus Hub can be downloaded from your account under My Products > Software. 


If you already own Studio One 5 Professional, you can log into your account and go to My Products > Software and install the Presonus Hub. 


To download the Presonus Hub, please go to


Follow the steps below.

  1. Locate the [Products] menu tab. Click this button to view your registered product lists.
  2. Select the [Software] button in your user account to view your registered software listings. 
  3. Press the [Direct Download] button to start the Studio One download for your operating system. 
  4. Clicking either the product name, or the arroewe.jpg arrow, will open a new page that has your Presonus Hub download listings.  


Note: If you’re running PreSonus Studio One on the same computer, be sure to quit Studio
One before running PreSonus Hub to install new plug-ins.


1. Install Presonus Hub. 







2. During the installation, you will be asked to select what formats you would
like to install for your PreSonus plug-ins. Select all that apply. Check your
DAW or host applications if you are unsure which format is supported.


Windows - Choose VST3 and/or AAX.



macOS - Choose VST3, Audio Unit, and/or AAX.



3. Launch Presonus Hub


Windows - The Hub launcher will be located either on your Desktop, or in C: Program Files/Common Files/Presonus/Presonus Hub.

macOS - The Hub Launcher will be in the Applications directory.


There is a full Reference Manual built into the PreSonus Hub that explains the full installation and activation process in detail.  Below is a screenshot that illustrates where you can find this manual, once you have downloaded and installed the PreSonus Hub. Use this manual to activate the Hub, and install/activate your plugins.



***If you are on a Mac and are having a problem activating the PreSonus Hub, please refer to the following article to edit your permissions in the Shared folder of your User folder.




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