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Installing the PreSonus Hub

Once purchased, the PreSonus Hub can be downloaded from your account under My Products > Software. 


If you already own Studio One 5 Professional, you can log into your account and go to My Products > Software and install the Presonus Hub. 


To download the Presonus Hub, please go to


1. Select the Software Tab if it is not selected. 

2. Select Download Installer under Presonus Hub. 


Note: If you’re running PreSonus Studio One on the same computer, be sure to quit Studio
One before running PreSonus Hub to install new plug-ins.


1. Install Presonus Hub. 







2. During the installation, you will be asked to select what formats you would
like to install for your PreSonus plug-ins. Select all that apply. Check your
DAW or host applications if you are unsure which format is supported.


Windows - Choose VST3 and/or AAX.



macOS - Choose VST3, Audio Unit, and/or AAX.



3. Launch Presonus Hub


Windows - The Hub launcher will be located either on your Desktop, or in C: Program Files/Common Files/Presonus/Presonus Hub.

macOS - The Hub Launcher will be in the Applications directory.


There is a full Reference Manual built into the PreSonus Hub that explains the full installation and activation process in detail.  Below is a screenshot that illustrates where you can find this manual, once you have downloaded and installed the PreSonus Hub. Use this manual to activate the Hub, and install/activate your plugins.



***If you are on a Mac and are having a problem activating the PreSonus Hub, please refer to the following article to edit your permissions in the Shared folder of your User folder.




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