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Dante - How to perform a Failsafe Recovery (Worx/CDL speakers)

Reviewed June 2, 2021

This article provides instructions on how to perform a Failsafe Recovery for Worx/CDL PreSonus speakers using Dante.

If your Worx or CDL speaker is showing in red in Dante Controller software or your DNT file will not upload to your speaker (shown below), you may need to perform a "Failsafe Recovery" using DanteFirmwareUpdateManager.

The DanteFirmwareUpdateManager can be found here: 



Before proceeding, you will need to disconnect your computer from other Networks and disable WIFI.

Then connect your speaker's Network port directly to the computer (no switch or router in between).

Once connected, restart your computer and then proceed with the instructions listed below.


Failsafe Recovery process:

1. First, choose your network connection and then choose [Next].



2. Next, choose "Failsafe Recovery".



3. Check your connected speaker from the list and choose [Start].

*NOTE: The speaker may emit a static/white noise during the recovery process.*



4. After the process is complete, power-cycle your speaker when prompted.



5. After the Failsafe Recovery is complete. You will need to proceed to choose "Update Dante Firmware" from the opening window of the DanteFirmwareUpdateManager (see Step 2 above).

Then choose your speaker from the list, and choose [Start].

You will need to choose the proper DNT file from your computer.


NOTE: DNT files for your product(s) can be downloaded from Once logged into your account, choose your registered Dante/PreSonus product and you should see the DNT in the "Firmware" section for that product.





Please contact PreSonus Technical Support by creating a Support Ticket at for further assistance.

>How to create a support ticket<

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