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StudioLive Series III Rack mixers - Assigning the Talkback Microphone from an Input Channel

Updated March 17, 2021

Before proceeding please be sure your firmware is updated on your StudioLive and that you are using the latest Universal Control:

StudioLive Series III Rack mixer - Firmware Update

Universal Control:



Video Instructions can be found here:

StudioLive Series III - How to assign a talkback mic in StudioLive Series III rack mixers (Video)


To assign Talkback from a specific channel: (Ch 32. for example) on a StudioLive Series III rack mixer.

  • Choose Channel 32 in Universal Control 
  • Un-Assign this Channel from the "Main" output in the top left corner.


Press the settings "Gear" in the top right corner to go to the home page.

  • Navigate to "Digital Patching" by pressing to the top right "Cog" icon
  • Then choose the "Input Patch" tab
  • Scroll down the Analog Input Patch until you see "TB" on the left side.
  • Assign TB to be "Mic/Line 32."


Input 32 on the StudioLive Series III Rack should now be your Talkback Mic.

  • Return to the mixer/fader view
  • Click on the Bottom right arrow to bring up the side panel options
  • Press "Talk assign" and ensure you have the TB sent to where you need it
  • Pressing the "Talk" button to turn on the TB mic
  • Then ensure that the output mix (Aux/Main/etc) has the TB fader up to the desired level


Please contact PreSonus Technical Support by creating a Support Ticket at for further assistance.

>How to create a support ticket<


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