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StudioLive Series III - Setting up the Studio One 5 Listen Bus for Solo and Pre-fader Listening

Reviewed March 1, 2021

Before proceeding please be sure your firmware is updated on your StudioLive and that you are using the latest Universal Control:

StudioLive Series III Console - Firmware Update

StudioLive Series III Rack mixer - Firmware Update

Universal Control:


We generally recommend starting with the template for your StudioLive in Studio One, which will offer 1:1 input routing be default.

Then, we recommend to sum those channels to output though the stereo Main Bus or 2-trackIn channel of Studio One.

After arranging stereo playback in Studio One,

  1. Right click the MainBus track in Studio One,
  2. Choose "Solo through ListenBus"
  3. Be sure "Enable ListenBus" is checkedEnableListenBus.jpg
  4. On the Listen Bus fader,
    • Enable the "L" button to listen.

    • Enable "Pre-fader" with the button directly to the right of the "L" button. (See photo below)ListenBusPREPOST.png

  5. Assign the output of the Listen-Bus to a pair of input channels on the StudioLive using the output "dropdown" at the top of the fader
    • Our example in the screenshot above shows our Studio One Main-Bus returning to Channels 63/64 with the Listen-Bus returning to Channels 61/62- we are using a StudioLive 64S for these examples.
  6. After choosing your channels in Studio One for output, set the corresponding input channels to USB Input-type on the StudioLive itself or in Universal Control-

You should then have a StudioOne Main output pair (63/64 in the example), and a ListenBus output pair (61/62 in the example) playing back on the StudioLive.

For a 32 channel StudioLive Series III, you could for example use 31/32 for stereo playback and 29/30 for the Listen Bus.


Lastly, to have the Listen Bus of StudioOne output the Solo bus of your StudioLive,

  • Change the chosen input channels for the Listen Bus to USB input on the StudioLive if not done so already.
  • Then press Edit button in the monitor section
  • Select Monitor or Phones in the top right corner (depending on which you prefer to use)
  • Select Mix 15 in the Monitor Edit menu to assign that output as the source of the Solo bus.
  • Then select the Mix 15 layer.
  • Link this to Mix 16 for a stereo pair.
  • Then raise the Listen Bus faders you've assigned to on the StudioLive (29/30 for example) in the Mix 15/16 layer.
  • Then raise the Flex-mix Master fader for the Aux/Mix (Mix 15/16 for this example)
  • Now turn up the monitor knob for the desired solo volume

This should allow your Listen Bus in StudioOne to output to your Solo bus of your StudioLive and function pre-fader as a solo bus from the Studio One software itself.



Please contact PreSonus Technical Support by creating a Support Ticket at for further assistance.

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