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Revelator with iOS Device

Published Feb 23, 2021

This information is already published on page 26 of the Revelator User Manual. 

This Knowledgebase article will go into a little more detail. 

Connecting to an iPhone (or iPod Touch) requires an additional adapter from Apple called the Camera Connection Kit. There are several versions of this product, the one that you'll need is this one with a power pass through option.

Apple_CCK_updated-1.jpeg           Apple_CCK_updated-2.jpeg

NOTE: The Lightning to USB adapter without the power pass-thru will NOT work. 

This Camera Connection Kit has USB Port and a Power Pass Through that you'll need to connect to a power source such as:

5V - 1A Adapter that comes with the iPhone

10w USB Power Adapter - older model USB charging adapter from Apple that came with iPads.

12w USB Power Adapter - newer model adapter from Apple like this one:

A mobile battery pack of 2600mA or greater, keep in mind that when running with a battery bank, your mileage will vary with feature usage and how quickly the battery drains. In our testing of Revelator we found that battery banks of 10000mAh or greater worked the best. 

Here is a diagram for connecting to a power adapter: 



Here is a diagram for Connecting Revelator with a Portable Battery Bank: 


The Revelator will work with any USB Audio host including iPhones provided it is setup correctly. The Revelator has a set of on-board functions and storage for up to 4 Presets with Voice effects. Learning how these controls work will enable you to use these without the computer when connected to an iPhone or Android device. 

The UC Surface Control panel only works with the Revelator connected directly via USB to a Windows or

Mac systems. However this is not explicitly required for use with Revelator. Only if you wish to change the presets or use the loopback features on your computer, you'll need to be connected to a Windows or Mac system. 

Your audio connection will be on Revelator, not through the iPhone. 


To adjust Microphone Gain, hold down the Monitor button until it turns green, then adjust the encoder to adjust gain up or down. Test how much level you need by speaking into the microphone while adjusting the gain. When your gain is set, you can tap the Monitor button again or wait a few seconds for the Revelator to return to it's normal operating mode. 

To cycle through Presets - press the PreSet Button one time for each preset. Each Preset has it's own designated color -

  • Preset 1 - Blue
  • Preset 2 - Beige 
  • Preset 3 - Aqua Blue
  • Preset 4 - Purple

To bypass Presets - press the and hold the Preset Button for a few seconds, the Preset button will turn a Dark Red. In this mode no DSP will be active and will still pass audio. To get out of Bypass mode, press the Preset Button briefly. 

To Mute, press the volume knob. The center LED will turn red to indicate Mute is active. Press the volume knob again to turn off the Mute function. 



Please contact PreSonus Technical Support by creating a Support Ticket at for further assistance.

>How to create a support ticket<





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