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StudioLive Series III - Can I use an SDXC SD Card (64GB+) for recording?

Updated Feb 17, 2021

Before proceeding please be sure your firmware is updated on your StudioLive and that you are using the latest Universal Control:

StudioLive Series III Console - Firmware Update

StudioLive Series III Rack mixer - Firmware Update

Universal Control:


SDXC Cards (64GB and higher) are currently not supported with PreSonus StudioLive mixers.

Currently the StudioLive Series III and StudioLive AR consoles/racks only support the use of SDHC type SD Cards (32GB and lower).

More info on our recommended SD Cards can be found here:

Recommended SDHC Cards for Multi-track Recording


SDHC type SD cards have a maximum capacity of 32GB. Any card with a higher capacity would be considered an SDXC SD card. These cards are not supported and are also formatted as exFAT format instead of FAT32 format. The StudioLive mixers do not support the native SDXC exFAT format.


You can reformat the SDXC card to a supported FAT32 format if you wish, however this is not recommended as PreSonus would be unable to offer support for any issues found with SDXC cards as they are not officially supported.



Please contact PreSonus Technical Support by creating a Support Ticket at for further assistance.

>How to create a support ticket<

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