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T8: Getting Connected


Input Signal-

The output of your Audio source should be connected to the Left(mono)/Right TRS, or RCA ports in the "Inputs" section on the back of the Sub.

If you are using a Mono connection for your audio source, connect your audio source to the Left input of the Sub for Mono signal.

Output Signal-

If you connect your Left/Right Studio Monitor/Speakers to the Left/Right TRS, or RCA ports in the "outputs" section on the back of the Sub, the Left/Right input to the Sub will pass through the output of the Sub to your speakers.


Settings for the Sub(s)-

  • Each Sub features an "Input Gain" knob, use this to calibrate the Sub volume with your L/R Studio Monitors' volume to find the desired balance.
  • The Polarity switch reverses the polarity of the input signals.
    • Power User Tip: Once your have connected your Sub to your system, try experimenting
      with each setting while listening to your favorite music. Leave this switch in the position
      where the bass was the loudest.
  • High Pass Filter- Removes frequency content below 80 Hz from the
    full-range signal sent from the Sub outputs. This is useful if your
    main studio monitors do not have their own high pass filter.
    • Power User Tip: Leaving frequency content below 80 Hz in full-range monitors can
      cancel out or reinforce the highest frequencies that are reproduced by the sub. This
      can make the bass response of the overall system muddy and ill-defined. By rolling off
      your full-range speakers, you will create a more linear frequency response between the
      subwoofer and full-range content.
  • Low Pass Filter- This control determines the upper end of the frequency range
    reproduced by the Sub. If you have enabled the onboard High Pass Filter, set
    the Low Pass Filter control to 80 Hz. Otherwise, set the Low Pass Filter control to the
    lowest frequency that your main monitors can reliably reproduce.


For diagrams showing the above mentioned connections, please see the specified sections of the Owner's Manual for your Sub:


Please contact PreSonus Technical Support by creating a Support Ticket at for further assistance.

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