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Central Station Plus: Connecting with SPDIF

Published Jan 8, 2021


A digital stereo input can be transmitted to the Central Station via a SPDIF Toslink Connection or with a coaxial RCA connection. Another device with a SPDIF output is required with some common devices being home audio HiFi systems, sound bars, PCs, etc.



The Central Station's Stereo digital input can only connect via SPDIF and not ADAT which can cause confusion. ADAT and SPDIF can both use the same Toslink optical cable as show below, but transmit audio using their own different protocols. This means it is not possible to output audio from an ADAT enabled audio interface to the digital input of the Central Station.




Please note that if you wish to use the SPDIF RCA coaxial connection input on the Central Station you must use a digital coaxial RCA cable not a standard analog RCA cable. While they look similar, a standard RCA cable will not allow digital audio to be passed. 


Please see the following for further information on ADAT 



Please contact PreSonus Technical Support by creating a Support Ticket at My.PreSonus for further assistance.

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