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StudioLive Series III - Differences Between Mixers and Interfaces with DAW Output Routing

Updated 1/6/2021


Using a StudioLive/Mixer as an Interface does have some fundamental differences compared to using a dedicated Interface.


Interfaces, generally speaking, have the option for direct-output routing.
Meaning that in StudioOne you can choose an output channel from the software and audio will output through that assigned output-channel over USB.

No further steps required for output routing.


Consoles/Mixers do not have direct-output routing.
Consoles/Mixers only accept audio to their INPUT channels.

For example:

  1. You could return audio from your StudioOne Mains to Channel 1+2 on your StudioLive. (or any pair of your choice)
  2. Then, you would turn up the Ch 1/2 faders (set to USB) in whichever output layer you'd like that signal to output. (Main, Auxes, etc.)


Interface Mode for StudioLive Series III:

With firmware 2.4+ for the StudioLive Series III Consoles and Rackmixers can now be put into "Interface Mode" from their Settings menus.

This will rearrange the USB Channel assignments and allow for Direct-Output routing from your DAW to a physical output of the StudioLive without needing to assign signal to an input channel first.

More Information on Interface Mode and the USB assignments can be found here:

Series III Interface Mode / WDM Primer



Please contact PreSonus Technical Support by creating a Support Ticket at for further assistance.

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