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Ceres 3.5/4.5 BT: iPhone and iPod Touch Bluetooth Device Pairing


Troubleshooting iOS Pairing


1. If your Ceres 3.5BT or Ceres 4.5BT speaker will not play audio from your iOS device, it may be necessary to manually reconnect them in the Bluetooth Devices list.
Navigate to your Bluetooth Devices list and follow steps 1, 2, and 3 from the tutorial (Bluetooth Pairing with Ceres 3.5BT or Ceres 4.5BT Speakers and iOS for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad Devices).


2. The Bluetooth Devices list will show your previously paired Ceres 3.5BT or Ceres 4.5BT as “Not Connected" or "Not Paired".



3. Select the entry where it says “Not Connected” to reestablish the connection. The process should complete and your Devices list should show the Ceres speaker as “Connected.” If it does, then you can stop here, hit your home button and start to listen to audio.


4. If the Ceres BT speaker is not listed as “Connected,” it may be necessary to try a fresh connection, which will require the removing the entry for the Ceres speaker from your Devices list before starting over. 


5. To start the device removal process, click the blue icon ( i ) on the right side of the screen on the same line as Ceres 3.5BT or Ceres 4.5BT to get more information about the device connection. 



5. Select the blue icon on the right side of the screen to get more information about the device connection. 



6. Select the entry for “Forget this device” and confirm by selecting “Forget Device” to delete the entry from the Bluetooth devices list. 



7. The Ceres BT speaker has now been removed from the Bluetooth devices list. You can now go back to the iOS Bluetooth Pairing tutorial and start the process again.



Please contact PreSonus Technical Support by creating a Support Ticket at for further assistance.

>How to create a support ticket<



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