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StudioLive Series III - AVB-D16 - AVB General Setup with the StudioLive

Created 11/17/2020

Before proceeding, please be sure your firmware is updated on your StudioLive:

StudioLive Series III Console - Firmware Update

StudioLive Series III Rack mixer - Firmware Update



First, press [Home] on the StudioLive using 2.4+ firmware (released 11/17/20).

Then, choose the "Audio Routing" menu.



Previously named "Stagebox Setup", choose the "Remote I/O Setup" section to arrange AVB I/O.



Select the "AVB-D 16" from the list of available AVB Devices.

Then, assign the Outputs FROM the StudioLive (AVB) of your choice tp the AVB-D 16.



Choose the AVB Sends you wish to Send to DANTE (StudioLive Channels 1-16 being sent in the Screenshot below)

Then press "Apply" to send AVB Sends to the AVB-D 16.

Your DANTE network will now receive these 16 Channels through the AVB-D 16.

(NOTE: You will need to route I/O from Dante Controller)




Return DANTE Channels from the AVB-D 16 to the Channels on the StudioLive of your choice,

Then set those Channels to [Network] input-type.

*In our example here, we are sending the StudioLive's channels 1-16 TO the AVB-D 16 and returning 16 DANTE sourced channels FROM the AVB-D 16 to the StudioLive's inputs 17-32. (See screenshot below)*




If you would like to send more than 16 AVB sends through your Series III AVB Network to a DANTE network, connect additional AVB-D16s and assign the AVB Sends for the AVB-D 16 outputs respectively.

In the screenshots below, two AVB-D16s are being used to achieve a 32 channel count from AVB to DANTE.




Please contact PreSonus Technical Support by creating a Support Ticket at for further assistance.

>How to create a support ticket<


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