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StudioLive AR Mixers: Using an External Effects Processor

Updated October 29, 2020

Each StudioLive AR-series mixer is equipped with an internal effects processor. However, you might prefer to use your own outboard effects processors when crafting your sound.

1. To begin, connect the mixer's dedicated FX output to the input of your external effects processor and connect the outputs of your processor to a stereo channel on your StudioLive AR mixer.


2. Turn up the output level of the stereo channel to unity.

3. Use the FX send controls on each channel the same way that you use the faders to set the output level to your main mix. The higher a channel’s level is in the effects mix, the more processed (“wetter”) it will sound.

4. Use the stereo channel’s Level control to increase or decrease the overall effects mix in the Mains to taste.

5. To send the FX return mix to a monitor mix, adjust the stereo channel’s monitor send control to taste.

Power User Tip: You can also use the FX output to create an additional monitor mix when multiple monitor mixes are of greater importance than adding effects.




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