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Series III: Connecting the StudioLive 64S with two 32Rs using AVB

Reviewed 11/4/2020

Before proceeding please be sure your firmware is updated on your StudioLive and that you are using the latest Universal Control:

StudioLive Series III Console - Firmware Update

StudioLive Series III Rack mixer - Firmware Update

Universal Control:


Beginning with firmware version 2.4, "Stagebox Setup" is now referred to as "Remote I/O Setup." These menus are otherwise identical in application.


When connecting two StudioLive 32R mixers to a StudioLive 64S for a total of 64 AVB-Networked Input channels, only one 32R can be in in Stagebox Mode (SB) at a time.

The second StudioLive 32R needs to remain in Stand-alone Mode (SA) and AVB Inputs/Outputs need to be manually assigned using Universal Control (UC-Surface).


On the StudioLive 64S:

1. Set your first 32R to Stagebox Mode (SB) from the Remote I/O Setup menu on the StudioLive 64S itself.

Select your 32R you wish to put into Stagebox Mode, set Preamp Permissions to "StudioLive 64S", set mode to "Stagebox" and press "Apply"

The 64S will automatically route:

    • Channels 1-32 from the 32R (SB) to the 64S Channels 1-32 
    • Mixes 1-16 to the 32R's outputs 1-16
    • Main L-R from the 64S to the 32R's Main L-R



2. After setting up Stagebox Mode on the first 32R (SB), set the second 32R (SA) into "Stand-alone" with 64S Preamp Permissions.

Select the second 32R (SA), set Preamp Permissions to "StudioLive 64S", set mode to "Stand-alone" and press "Apply"

NOTE: No Inputs or Outputs are routed automatically to/from a Stand-alone device when "Apply" is pressed.




3. After pressing "Apply" and setting Preamp Permissions,

Press "AVB Inputs" in the top-left corner of the screen of the Remote I/O Setup (Stagebox Setup) menu.

You should already see that the Stagebox 32R (SB) will already have its AVB inputs (Channels 1-32) routed 1:1 to the 64S.

For Inputs 33-64, you would need to set their "Assigned Stream" to the Stand-alone 32R (SA) to receive AVB Sends 1-32. (Picture below)

    • Input 33-40 = StudioLive 32R (SA): AVB Send 1-8
    • Input 41-48 = StudioLive 32R (SA): AVB Send 9-16
    • Input 49-56 = StudioLive 32R (SA): AVB Send 17-24
    • Input 57-64 = StudioLive 32R (SA): AVB Send 25-32



4. The last item to do on the StudioLive 64S itself before moving on to setting up the 32R (SA) in Universal Control is to set all 64 Input channels of the 64S to "Network" input type.

Press [Select] on an Input channel, and press [Network] in the FAT Channel Control section of the 64S Console. Do this for all Input channels (1-64) that you wish to hear input from the 32Rs.

TIP: Holding down an Input-type button (Analog, Network, etc.) and pressing [Select] on an input channel will let you set multiple channels to an input-type at once.

You may also adjust input-type from the "Digital Patching" menu in the [Home] section of the StudioLive 64S.


When logged in to the Stand-alone 32R (SA) with Universal Control / UC-Surface:

Now that inputs have been arranged from the 32R (SA) to the 64S, we need to arrange outputs from the 64S to the 32R (SA).

Launch Universal Control, touch or click on your Stand-alone 32R to open mixer view.

1. Be sure you are logged into the StudioLive 32R (SA) by clicking on its tab at the top of your screen.

2. Open the Settings menu by choosing the Settings-Gear in the top-right corner of your screen.

3. Select the "Digital Patching" tab.

4. Be sure "Input Source" is selected.

5. Choose "AVB" as your "Source Type"

6. Set all Mixes to "Network (AVB)" input-type by clicking/touching the boxes underneath their names. (shown below)

7. Do the same as Step 6 for the 32R's (SA) Main Output.



While still logged into the StudioLive 32R (SA):

1. Choose the "Network" tab in the Settings menu.

2. Choose "AVB Inputs"

3. Set the 32R's Input 1-8 to "StudioLive 64S: AVB Send 1-8"

*Although unused on input channels, the 64S AVB Send 1-8 will help to establish full clocking give-and-take between the 64S FOH console and the Stand-alone 32R (SA)*

4. Set the 32R's Input 33-40 to "StudioLive 64S: AVB Send 33-40"

*With default AVB Send assignments on the 64S, this will route the 64S Mains into the 32R (SA)*

5. Set the 32R's Input 57-64 to "StudioLive 64S: AVB Send 57-64"

*With default AVB Send assignments on the 64S, this will route the 64S mixes 17-24 to the 32R (SA) outputs 1-8*



After arranging the AVB Input Streams to the 32R (SA) from the 64S (above), we will need to patch them to the 32R (SA) output channels (that should already be set to network from earlier instructions).

1. Return to the "Digital Patching" tab.

2. Select the "Input Patch" tab.

3. Choose "AVB" in the "Source Type" section.

4. Assign the AVB Inputs in the routing grid accordingly (pictured below):

    • Mix 1 = AVB 57 (Incoming 64S Mix 17)
    • Mix 2 = AVB 58 (Incoming 64S Mix 18)
    • Mix 3 = AVB 59 (Incoming 64S Mix 19)
    • Mix 4 = AVB 60 (Incoming 64S Mix 20)
    • Mix 5 = AVB 61 (Incoming 64S Mix 21)
    • Mix 6 = AVB 62 (Incoming 64S Mix 22)
    • Mix 7 = AVB 63 (Incoming 64S Mix 23)
    • Mix 8 = AVB 64 (Incoming 64S Mix 24)



Then, in the same menu, we need to do the same for the Main L-R (Pictured below)

    • Main L = AVB 39 (Incoming 64S Main L)
    • Main R = AVB 40 (Incoming 64S Main R)



Now that all the AVB connections have been arranged, we need to "Open" the Output-Mix channels on the 32R to pass the networked audio from the 64S. This is done simply by turning up the faders on all networked output channels of the 32R to Unity (U).

1. Press the Settings gear to return to Mixer View.

2. Select "Mix Masters" (shown below)

3. Raise the faders of all output Mixes and the Main fader on the 32R.



That's it! You should now have the following functionality:

  • StudioLive 32R (SB) provides Input Channels 1-32 to the 64S
  • StudioLive 32R (SB) mirrors Outputs 1-16 and Main L-R from the 64S.
  • StudioLive 32R (SA) provides Input Channels 33-64 to the 64S.
  • StudioLive 32R (SA) mirrors Outputs 17-24 and Main L-R from the 64S.


*Settings to double-check*

  • Be sure that all mixers are on the same Firmware update.
  • Be sure that your Network Clock on the StudioLive 64S is set to "Internal" so that it is your Master Network Clock.
  • Be sure that in the settings menu of the StudioLive 32R (SA) that the Network Clock is set to "Network Stream" so that it listens to the StudioLive 64S clock.

Please note: By default, the StudioLive 64S uses all 64 AVB Sends. This only allows room for 24 outgoing AVB Mixes from the 64S with its default configuration. This article is for setting up two StudioLive 32R Mixers with the StudioLive 64S default AVB Sends.



Please contact PreSonus Technical Support by creating a Support Ticket at for further assistance.

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