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Series III: Studio One Playback to the TAPE IN channel when in DAW Mode

Updated 6/27/2019

For Customers using DAW Mode but can't hear playback from Studio One,

you will first need to set up Audio playback with DAW Mode disengaged. 

(DAW Mode is a MIDI layer that does not pass audio on its own.)


First, create a new song in Studio One after connecting and setting your StudioLive Series III as your Audio Device.

More info on Integration: StudioLive Series III - Studio One integration and Audio processing



When creating a new song in Studio One, we recommend using the template associated with your mixer.

You'll notice at the top of the new song "wizard" are 3 tabs:

“Styles, Interfaces, and User.” (See screenshot)

>Open the Interfaces tab.

>Scroll down until you see "StudioLive 32 Session"

>Double click on it.


>You should now have all 32 channels routed 1:1 into Studio One.


>Then, you will need to setup Studio One playback.

First, open Studio One's "Mix" view and drag the top of the fader pane taller with your cursor to see Input/Output assignments for each channel. (Channel 1 / Channel 1) (See screenshot)

You’ll see the channel’s name twice at the top of each fader.

These are drop-down menus to select Input (Top) and Output (Bottom) for each channel.




>Then set every channel's output (Bottom) to “2-TrackIn” (See screenshot) 

This will sum all channels's output to a single output channel in Studio One.



>On the console, find your TAPE IN channel (USB 37&38) and set it to USB input.

Tape In USB Playback Routing on the StudioLive Series III


You should now get input into every channel of Studio One while hearing playback from Studio One’s 2-TrackIn Output fader on the TAPE IN channel of your Series III Console / Rack.

If you are using DAW Mode, re-engage DAW Mode and you should be able to hear your audio from Studio One.


To also have YouTube, iTunes, etc. playback on the TAPE IN channel, please see this article:

Tape In USB Playback Routing on the StudioLive Series III

*NOTE: Series III Rack mixers are setup the same way, the TAPE IN channel on a Series III Rack is instead referred to as the DIG RET (Digital Return) channel.*

Series III Rackmount - Playback Audio Routing (USB/AVB)

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