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StudioLive Series III - Splitting Outputs for Windows 10 System-Audio Applications

Published on May 7, 2021

Before continuing you will need to be sure you are using the latest Universal Control and Firmware for your StudioLive:

StudioLive Series III Console - Firmware Update

StudioLive Series III Rack mixer - Firmware Update

Universal Control can be downloaded here:


The following new features are now implemented in firmware for all Series III Mixers as of firmware version 2.4. You must be running Windows build number 10.0.17134 (version 1803) or higher to access these settings.

Windows 10 now lets you choose which sound output devices individual apps use. This allows you to send audio from individual applications to dedicated USB inputs on the Series III mixers.

1. The first step is to ensure that you have enabled USB playback on these channels.

For consoles, first press [Select] Aux In 1 and change the input type from [Analog] to [USB]. Repeat this step for the Aux In 2 and Tape In channels.

For racks, in UC you will need to select channel 13 and use the link button in the channel settings to link with channel 14. Repeat this for channels 15 and 16. Then select USB as the input source for 13/14, 15/16, and the Digital Return.

2. To find these options in Windows 10, open the new Sound settings panel. You can either right-click the speaker icon in your notification area, and then select “Open Sound Settings” or navigate to Settings > System > Sound.


3. In the Sound settings, scroll down to the “Other Sound Options” section, and then click the “App Volume And Device Preferences” option.

4. At the top of the page, you can select your default output devices, as well as the system-wide master volume. Below that, you’ll find options for configuring the volume level of each individual app, as well as the sound output that each app uses.


Here are dedicated USB channels for WDM playback on the following Series III mixers: StudioLive 32, StudioLive 24, StudioLive 16, StudioLive 32R, StudioLive 24R, StudioLive 32S, StudioLive 32SX, StudioLive 32SC

  • StudioLive WDM 1/2 = Tape In (USB 37/38)
  • StudioLive WDM 3/4 = Aux In 1 (USB 33/34)
  • StudioLive WDM 5/6 = Aux In 2 (USB 35/36)

For the StudioLive 64S WDM output to the StudioLive:

  • StudioLive WDM 1/2 - Tape In (USB 63/64)
  • StudioLive WDM 3/4 - Channel 33/34 (USB 33/34)
  • StudioLive WDM 5/6 - Channel 35/36 (USB 35/36)

For the StudioLive 16R WDM output to the StudioLive:

  • StudioLive WDM 1/2 - Digital Return (USB 17/18)
  • StudioLive WDM 3/4 - Channel 13/14 (USB 13/14)
  • StudioLive WDM 5/6 - Channel 15/16 (USB 15/16)


NOTE: If an application doesn’t appear in the list, you’ll need to launch it first—and perhaps start playing audio in it.

You may have to close and reopen the application for your change to take effect. However, Windows will remember the volume level and sound devices you assign to individual apps and automatically apply your preferences whenever you launch the app.


Please contact PreSonus Technical Support by creating a Support Ticket at for further assistance.

>How to create a support ticket<

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