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FaderPort 2018 - Cubase Channel Navigation

Article Created August 13, 2018

Cubase channel navigation works in groups of 8 channels at a time. You can see a white line just above the channel number itself in the Mixer page, this is what we call your "8 Channel Focus". MCU protocol operates in banks of 8 channels at time. 


Using the Prev and Next buttons (and/or Encoder) allows you to through channels one at a time. When used in conjunction with a mouse, you may notice that selecting a channel outside of a bank (left or right of the white line) selected will not result in the fader moving. 

For example:

You have 16 channels of audio on your mixer and you are on Channel 8. This is inside bank 1 (Channel 1 - Channel 8), selecting and moving the fader on Channel 8 with the mouse will see the motorized Fader moving along with what's moving on screen with the mouse.

However if you click on Channel 9 fader on screen and drag it up and down, the fader on the FaderPort 2018 will not move. Not until you hit the "Next" button so control is then moved to Bank 2 (Channels 9  - 16). 

Keep this in mind when using a mouse with your FaderPort 2018 in your workflow. 

This is different than the FaderPort Classic because FaderPort 2018 is using Mackie Control protocol instead of a native bundle file created by us for integration with Cubase. 


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