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Are there any specific routers that are recommended to use with StudioLive Series III family mixers?


A: We are currently working on qualifying routers to work with the StudioLive Series III family mixers and iOS applications

PreSonus will continuously update this page as information becomes available.


Recommended Routers: 

1) Apple Airport Extreme (6th Generation) - Although tests we have done with the mixers and older generations of Apple Airport Extreme routers (Gen 1 - Gen 5) have yielded undesirable results, the 6th Generation of the Airport Extreme router has worked very well in our tests with the latest firmware available from Apple's website.


 2) TP-Link TL-WR1043ND - testing showed this router to work very well.


NOTE Added 11/12/13: we have been getting a lot of requests for more routers and even more questions about why we only have a few. When we started looking at routers, we tested all the different operational modes and options. The main function of a router that you buy in a store is to connect to the internet. This is called the WAN connection (Wide Area Network). Many routers look for the WAN connection with a warning that it can't find one and won't go away until you do pick one with no option to disable it. This is due to manufacturers thinking about the easiest way for their customers to get connected and running as fast as possible. To an extent, we are working around their customer use cases to find a router that doesn't need to be connected to the internet or demand that you are to work.

Initially the D-Link DIR series routers seemed to operate without problems, but we're now seeing issues with the number of iOS devices you can connect simultaneously, so we have removed the DIR-655 from our recommended list.

We do have another article concerning other routers we've tested with various results. You can read about them here:

 NOTE: Some router models have a feature which tells connected devices when no internet connection is preset upon connection. iOS usually sees these WiFi networks as Captive Wi-Fi networks, and it has an Auto-Login feature for networks that offer this capability (i.e. similar to a hotel or airport wifi login, etc.). The default iOS network setting for a Wi-Fi network with no internet connection is to try and Auto-Login, and it will give you a prompt to do so when you connect. If you don't want the login nag screen, or to have to choose "Connect without an internet connection" every time, then you have to turn off Auto-Login on your iOS device.


See here for more examples:



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