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StudioLive AI - Can I install AVB firmware (1.0.6188+) with my Non-AVB option card in my AI Console?

Updated 11/4/2020


Can I use AVB firmware with my Non-AVB option card in my StudioLive AI Console?

Yes. The 1.0.6188 firmware for StudioLive AI Consoles is primarily a New Feature release for our Phase 1 AVB implementation, but it also contains a number of firmware bug fixes for standalone non-AVB-enabled AI Consoles. Please refer to the 6188 Firmware Release notes on your my.presonus account for more details

Please note: The AI-AVB firmware update is compatible with all AI option cards, however AVB Functionality is only supported with an AVB-Option Card installed in your StudioLive AI


We recommend being sure your StudioLive AI is fully updated (1.0.11979+):




Please contact PreSonus Technical Support by creating a Support Ticket at for further assistance.

>How to create a support ticket<


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