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Studio 192: Different Sample Rate Settings Per Output

Published October 1, 2015


It is possible on Windows 7, 8 or 10 to have different sample rates assigned to the different outputs of the Studio 192.

Under Advanced Settings for Studio 192 properties in Windows, there is an option to set the sample rate for each of the WDM Assigned Outputs. 

This is not recommend and presents a problem where you will not be able to pass audio to outputs with a different sample rate from the output that is set as the default.

This is typical to Sampling Rate mismatches.

Ex. Main Out is set as 48khz. Line Out 1/2 is set as 44.1khz. You cannot pass audio through Line 1/2 because it's samplerate is different than the Main Out.

One use case is that you may want your DAW (Studio One, etc.) on one set of DAW channels and your Windows audio on another, or some other application on another.

Just make sure that which ever sample rate you choose, all your outputs are set to the same sample rate. Some applications like iTunes, YouTube, won't support alternate sample rates. 



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