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Studio One 3 : Start Page

Start Page:

When Studio One is launched, the Start page is displayed.


On this page, you can find document management and device configuration controls, as well as your artist profile, a news feed, and links to demos and tutorials. The following section provides a brief description of the Start page.



In the top portion of the Start page, you can find three options: Create a New Song, Create a New Project and Open an Existing Document. A Song is where you can record, edit, arrange, and mix audio and musical data. A Project is where multiple Songs or audio files can be arranged and mixed on a single timeline for mastering purposes. Songs are accessed in the Song page, and Projects are accessed in the Project page.


Recent Files, Songs, and Projects

The Recent Files list includes links to the most recently accessed documents. Click on any of these links to quickly open the associated Song or Project. Floating the mouse to the left of any listed document reveals a Pin icon that, when clicked, pins that document to the Recent Files list until it is unpinned.

To open an auto-saved version of a document, [Right]/[Ctrl]-click the name of the document and choose the desired revision from the pop- up list. This right-click menu also offers the ability to display the selected document in the Windows Explorer, or Mac OS Finder.

The Songs and Projects list displays all Songs and Projects contained in the User storage location.



This area displays your currently selected audio device and contains links to configure your audio device, configure external devices, check for updates, and view information about Studio One.


Configure Audio Device


Studio One automatically selects, from a list of devices installed on your computer, an audio device (such as an audio interface) to use for audio input and output. To select a different device, click on the Configure Audio Device link to access the Audio Setup tab in the Options menu. For in-depth information on how to set up your audio device, refer to the Set Up Your Audio Device section of the user manual.


Configure External Devices

Studio One can send and receive musical data to and from any MIDI device connected to your computer. Studio One’s advanced use of MIDI devices requires you to tell it a few things about your devices. For details on how to set up these devices, refer to the Set Up YourMIDIDevices section of the user manual.


Check for Updates


From time to time, PreSonus issues software updates for Studio One to incorporate bug fixes and add features. To manually check for updates, click on the Check for Updates link. Your version number, as well as the most current version number, is displayed. If a newer version of Studio One is available, a link to download the new version is also displayed.


About Studio One

Click on the About link to view your current license and version information, as well as information about the Studio One development team.


Artist Profile

Here you can specify certain meta-information that is used to tag your Songs, including an image, artist name, genre, and artist Web URL. To add an image to the artist information, click the [...] button to choose a file, or drag-and-drop an image onto the image icon from any location on your computer. To remove the current image, click the button marked X.

In addition to enabling you to personalize Studio One, this feature saves you the effort of filling in meta-information for every Song.


SoundCloud Dashboard


Once you've set up an account, the SoundCloud dashboard lets you have direct interaction with your fans and customers, as well as view various statistics, such as play and download numbers, and the number of followers you have.

  •  Image_003.gifShows you the number of sounds you have posted.
  • Image_004.png Shows you how many fans you have.
  • Image_005.pngShows you the number of plays you have.
  • Image_006.pngShows you the number of downloads you have.
  • Image_008.pngShows you the number of comments left by listeners.


News Feed


The Studio One news feed comes directly from PreSonus. This news feed contains helpful information related to Studio One and updates automatically if your computer is connected to the Internet.




Demos and Tutorials


Any installed demo or tutorial songs appears in the Demos list, which can be launched by clicking on the demo-song name. Use these demo songs to check out various aspects of Studio One.


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