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How do I access my Studio One 3 software, I don't see it in my account?

To access your software in MyPreSonus please review the following steps:

1. Open up your web browser and login to your account at

2. Click on the "My Products" link to view the categories for the products registered in your account. 


3. Locate the My Software button in your user account and click that button to view your registered software listings. 


4. Click on the View More Details link. 

Studio One and other PreSonus software will show up in the Software section of your My.Presonus account like this:


5. The installer for your Operating System should be the first button available. Alternately you can click on the link entitled "View More Details".

You can now see all the download details for Studio One 3 in your account. 

The correct installer for the operating system you are using will be automatically downloaded.

If you are downloading from a different type of computer (i.e. Mac vs PC) than that which you plan to Install Studio One, and need an installer for a different operating system, please click on “View Other Systems” to access the correct download, then a screen like this will appear.  




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