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Eris 3.5/4.5 BT: No Audio


When sending audio to your speakers you must remember that there may be multiple volume levels to check to make sure audio is flowing.

For Mobile Devices:

1) Eris BT Speaker volume is up

2) Mobile device volume is up

For Computers:

1) Eris BT Speaker volume is up

2) Computer volume is up

3) Source (media player, Youtube or embedded media player) volume is up.


We suggest turning the volume on your Eris BT speakers to 9 o’clock first, then adjusting the volume levels of your other devices / media players. Too much volume can sound distorted and/or may hurt your speakers.

Once you’ve established audio is flowing you can adjust the volume level for each device or program to fit your needs and ensure clean audio is playing.



Please contact PreSonus Technical Support by creating a Support Ticket at for further assistance.

>How to create a support ticket<



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