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Can Dante enabled devices exist with other AVB devices on my network?

PreSonus Audio supports the use of Approved AVB switches connecting CS18AI control surfaces with RM/RML mix systems, or StudioLive AI Console mixers with AVB cards for Stagebox mode configuration, as well as our StudioLive Series III Consoles and Rack mounted mixers while using an Approved AVB Switch.

The way that Dante audio works is it requires switches with a prioritization particular to the QoS values and enabled features necessary for full compatibility.  While our Approved AVB Switches do have the ability to send and receive Dante audio in it's basic form, the processes for managing AVB transport on the network switch is prioritize over Dante traffic.  Which means that with the increase in the amount of channels processing over the network, there is more chance for dropouts to occur on all audio devices involved, or they may simply not send and receive audio all together.

With this in mind, PreSonus Audio suggests separating all devices using Dante from any existing AVB networks where our devices are present for best performance.  This includes creating separate VLANs for all traffic going into the network or creating separate Routed networks for purposes of not overloading the broadcast network and multicast traffic.

Further support documentation concerning Dante protocol and approved switches can be found here:


For more information on AVB protocol and how it operates, including StudioLive Series III suggested networking practices, see these links here:

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