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What is the SP2 firewire hotfix (for Windows XP ONLY) and why should I install it?


What is the SP2 firewire hotfix and why should I install it?



The initial release of SP2 had an issue with audio streaming over FW400. There is a firewire patch for SP2 available from Microsoft that resolves this problem. In can be downloaded from their website, here.


While it is recommended that all Windows XP SP2 users who wish to stream audio over firewire install this patch, this patch should be installed if you are experiencing any of the following issues:

  • You cannot install your PreSonus interface
  • Your PreSonus interface installed but the sync light remains red
  • Your PreSonus interface installs and syncs but audio recording and playback performance is very bad regardless of settings.


If you have these issues, download and install the patch, restart your computer and then reinstall your PreSonus interface.

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