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FireStudio Project: ProTools 9 Setup template for chained FireStudio Projects

Published March 18, 2011


With the release of ProTools 9, PreSonus hardware users can now use their PreSonus interfaces within ProTools 9.  In an effort to make the setup of multiple FireStudio Projects easier within ProTools 9 we have made a ProTools template.  This template includes the setup for 4 chained FireStudio Projects, but can be used for any number of chained FS Projects fewer than 4 as well.

Please note that Pro Tools 9, 10 and 11 are limited to only 32 channels of input and 32 channels of output. Even though Pro Tools I/O Setup menu allows you to choose which channels you want to use, it is not possible to repatch unused or unwanted channels in or out of your I/O setup. In the case of 4x FireStudio Projects, you will get full use of the first 3 FireStudio Projects and only the first 2 channels of the 4th FireStudio Project. 

See the picture of the PT I/O Setup Screen here as it highlights the channel allocation as mapped out by Pro Tools. 


We have modified a previously available template that checked off all 40 channels.  The template has been modified to correctly reflect how Pro Tools sees and allows the Firestudio Projects to be used. 

Download the template below.

This is an intended limitation set forth by the designers of Pro Tools. The only way to get a pure analog path of 32 analog inputs is to acquire an interface that has 32 continuous inputs with no configuration required. Currently the only product that PreSonus makes available that does this is the Studio Live 32Ai console and correctly Daisy-Chained 16.4.2 First Generation StudioLive mixers. 

There is a mention of this on the Pro Tools Feedback site requesting that this be changed. Here is a link to the article if you're interested.



Please contact PreSonus Technical Support by creating a Support Ticket at for further assistance.

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