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AudioBox Series: Why does my Audiobox not work when all I did was move my mobile setup?

Updated May 26 2021


We’ve all probably either had this issue creep up on our systems or been standing in the room when one of our friends:

  • USB Audio Device
  • Windows Operating System
  • Correct Driver installed
  • It worked perfectly just a few hours ago it seems
  • Everything looks pretty-well identical to how it was set up those short few hours ago

Now your USB Sound Card will not work!

Reason for Failure:
 USB does something called “enumerating”, where the device and driver “Tag” themselves to the specific USB port that they were initially installed on.  This means that when the USB cord is plugged into a different USB port, with a different “address”, physically, on the computers motherboard, the system wants a new driver installation to take place.

Solution:  There are 2 possible solutions to this issue.

  1. Perform the installation on each available USB port on your computer.  This way, the computer will always recognize your USB device and have instructions for the Operating System when it is plugged into any port.
  2. Always connect your device to the same USB port you Installed it on.



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