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AudioBox 1818: Create Cue Mix for Studio One on Mac OS X


Step 1: Configure Audio Device

  • Launch Studio One and click Configure Audio Device




Step 2: Create New Song

  • Click Interfaces tab and select the AudioBox 1818VSL template
  • Then change Song Title, the sample rate, resolution, etc. Or just leave the default settings.
  • Click OK to go to Step 3. 




Step 3: Studio One Preferences. 

  • Under Studio One on the Top Menu click on Preferences. 
  • (alternately, you can just hold the Apple Command Key and tap the Comma Key with your right and to bring up this menu.)




Step 4: Audio Setup

  • Click on Song Setup in the Studio One Preferences menu. 




Step 5: Song Setup

  • Click the Audio I/O Setup Menu Button
  • Second, Select 'Outputs' Tab

PLEASE NOTE:  Notice how Headphone L is on Output 7 and Headphone R is on Output 8.

  • Click "Add Stereo" at least 3 times until you see 'Sub 3' appear on the left side.
  • Then Click "Apply" 




Step 6: Renaming Sub 3

  • Double-Click 'Sub 3' to rename to 'Headphones' (or anything you prefer)




Step 7: Set Cue Mix.

  • Check the little box next to where you setup Headphones,  in the "Cue Mix" column.

PLEASE NOTE: A "Cue Mix", is a separate output bus in addition to the Main Mix bus.  It is usually provided to musicians for monitoring purposes during recording. In this case we are assigning the headphone outputs (7 and 8) to listen to all channels independently of the Main Output. 

  • Click "OK" when done to be taken back to the Arrange Window




Step 8: Opening Console on Arranger Window

  • Press your F3
  • Alternately you can click on the "View" menu and select "Console". 




Step 9: Checking Cue Mixes 

  • To the left side of the Console window, click on the Up/Down Arrows to show the Inserts/Sends and the "Cue Mix" layer above your track channels. 





All Channels now monitor to the "Headphone Outputs".


You'll see above each channel, an independent level adjustment for each Cue Mix.  You can tailor your mix to your needs. 


Keep in mind that any changes to the Main Output are not reflected in the Cue Mix, they are independant of each other.


You will still want to mix your Mains using the Mains Output fader in the Console and the Main Volume Knob on your AudioBox to control the level going to your speakers. 


PLEASE NOTE:  Cue Mixes are unique to each song that you create.  You will still need to set this up for each song you create. 


PRO TIP:  You can however create a Song Template that opens every time.  We suggest creating a blank Song Template, and using that to load from each time you start a new Song. 



Please contact PreSonus Technical Support by creating a Support Ticket at for further assistance.

>How to create a support ticket<



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