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Digimax: Differences between the DigiMax 96k, DigiMax LT, DigiMax FS, and DigiMax D8

Published February 22, 2010


The DigiMax 96k is an eight channel mic preamp with analog peak limiter and balanced analog TRS as well as multiple digital outputs. It provides sample rates of 44.1 and 48kHz via standard ADAT optical and sample rates of 44.1, 48k, 88.2, and 96kHz via SPDIF or AES. The 9-pin output is user-configurable to either AES or SPDIF, and three different eight-channel digital output cables are available: 4x RCA SPDIF, 4x XLR AES, and DB9 to male and female DB24 ProTools HD cable. The DM96k has BNC wordclock input and output.


The DigiMax LT is an eight channel mic preamp with digital output via standard ADAT optical supporting sample rates of 44.1 and 48kHz. It has a TRS insert jack on each channel. The DigiMax LT has BNC wordclock input and output.


The DigiMax FS is an eight channel XMAX mic preamp with balanced TRS direct output, TRS inserts, and digital output via ADAT/SMUX with sample rates of 44.1, 48, 88.2, and 96kHz. It also features an ADAT/SMUX input with eight balanced analog DAC outputs. The DigiMax FS has BNC wordclock input and output and features the latest generation JetPLL jitter reduction technology incorporated into its clock and converters.


The DigiMax D8 is an eight channel XMAX mic preamp with balance TRS direct outputs and digital output via ADAT optical with sample rates of 44.1 and 48kHz. It also features a BNC wordclock input to support external sync. The DigiMax D8 does not use JetPLL jitter elimination technology.


Many people ask why the DigiMax FS and DigiMax D8 seem to be a more economical choice than either of its two predecessors, yet seems to do as much or more than the other units in the DigiMax line. This has much to do with advancements in our design techniques, as we have learned to design both converters and preamp circuits in a much more cost-effective manner and with more affordable components. While either can be used in any system that offers ADAT input, the DigiMax FS is designed to expand the analog I/O of the FireStudio. It uses the same XMAX preamps and A/D D/A converters as the FireStudio for seamless integration. When used with the FireStudio, it not only expands the number of inputs, but adds additional outputs for monitor routing as well. This routing can be controlled from within the FireStudio Control Console.


The DigiMax LT and DigiMax 96k are manufactured by hand at our facility here in Baton Rouge in smaller quantities and utilize some more expensive metalwork and components. The DigiMax 96k, particularly, is given a very carefully engineered external power supply unit, hand-built and individually calibrated, in an all steel housing. Both the DigiMax LT and 96k use a large toroidal power supply transformer. Additionally, the DigiMax 96k addresses certain needs such as its ability to interface directly with high end ProTools HD systems via AES and to provide high quality dual-domain compression and peak limiting in the analog domain for applications such as drum tracking. The DigiMax LT was designed to work with interfaces such as the Digi 001 and 002 for clients who needed the most straightforward solution for adding 8 pristine mic preamps to their system but did not need a lot of extra features.



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