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StudioLive Series III - Fader Calibration

Updated Dec 8, 2020

Please be sure you are using the latest Firmware for your StudioLive:

StudioLive Series III Console - Firmware Update



Calibration of your mixer's motorized faders may be necessary in some situations 

  • Faders are not tracking properly with movements in software or values are not correct between mixer and software (i.e. UC Surface shows one value and the mixer shows another).  This can include Stereo linked faders that are not matching levels, etc.

  • Faders shake or buzz randomly when moving between mixes.

  • Fader banks are unresponsive to actual fader movements or Motorized Faders have stopped moving all together.

In these instances you will want to complete the Fader Calibrate process on your StudioLive Series III mixer.

NOTE: When performing the Fader Calibrate, you should ensure that the outputs of the mixer are not connected to a live P.A. system or speakers or headphones, as unexpected volume spikes could result in damage to speakers or to your hearing. You should either power off your P.A. system, or disconnect the mixer's outputs from it temporarily.


1.  Press the Home button on your mixer to get to the "Home" Menu.



2.  On the Home Menu screen, press the "Utilities" Button.



3.  Hold the "Shift" button, then touch the words "Test Modes" on the screen. This will bring you into a hidden menu with several options.




NOTE: Do not attempt to use any of the other hidden Test and Calibration utilities found here unless explicitly instructed to do so by Tech Support, as improper usage of some utilities could lead to damage of the mixer or attached equipment.


4.  Select Fader Test mode and then press Calibrate. Make sure that during the calibration process the faders are not touched or obstructed or otherwise prevented from moving, as it will interfere with calibration. And again, make sure that you do not have the outputs of the mixer connected to a live P.A. system or speakers or headphones, as unexpected volume spikes could result in damage to speakers or to your hearing.

NOTE:  Do not change Fader Speed and Fader Sensitivity.  The Fader calibration settings are set on a per-firmware basis and the values may differ from firmware to firmware.  Changing this can inadvertently affect performance.



5.  The Fader Calibration process takes approximately 30-45 seconds, during which all the faders on the mixer will be moving through their travel as they cycle through the test and calibrate routines. Once all faders have stopped moving, the calibration is complete. At this point you should power the mixer off and then back on.




After power cycling the mixer, you can check to see if your problem with the faders has been resolved. 



Please contact PreSonus Technical Support by creating a Support Ticket at for further assistance.

>How to create a support ticket<




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