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Series III and Third-Party AVB support

Can I use my StudioLive Series III mixer with other AVB products and devices from other manufacturers?

Currently, the only officially supported 3rd party AVB interoperability for the StudioLive Series III mixers is with compatible Apple computers.

The Series III mixers are currently fully AVB and AVDECC compliant and should be able to exchange AVB audio with any other AVB/AVDECC compliant device with matching sample rate and channel-per-stream configurations (48 kHz, 8 channels per stream), however, we do not currently offer any support for setup and configuration of the Series III with any 3rd party AVB devices.

We are still in the process of testing 3rd party products for use with the Series III and still developing Series III AVB features to support use with 3rd party products. When that testing and development is complete and we have the necessary documentation of setup and configuration, we will be able to offer support for some setup and configuration of third party AVB devices with the Series III mixers.

* NOTE:  We have added direct support for AVB Stagebox modes with our StudioLive Series III Rack Mount mixers.  More information on Stagebox configuration and setup can be found on the StudioLive Series III Stagebox Mode Addendum.

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