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Tape In USB Playback Routing on the StudioLive Series III

Updated Dec 8, 2020

Please be sure your firmware is updated on your StudioLive and that you are using the latest Universal Control:

StudioLive Series III Console - Firmware Update

Universal Control:



By default, the Tape In channel is sourced from the analog Tape input jacks on the rear of the mixer and the currently paired Bluetooth audio device simultaneously. The two signals are mixed together and summed on the Tape In channel. If you prefer, you can instead route audio from a connected AVB network device, a computer connected via USB, or from audio files stored on an inserted SD card.


To configure the tape input options, press the Edit button in the Tape control area, next to the touchscreen.



When on this screen, select USB to route audio from a USB-connected computer to the Tape input channel.  



Once selected, you will have the choice of the Tape In channel receiving its input from the USB Returns for channels 1/2 or 37/38.

Normally Returns 1 and 2 are used for sending playback audio to Channels 1 and 2 on the mixer, so for most situations involving playback of a computer's system audio, Returns 37 and 38 are used. This article focuses on playback to 37/38.

NOTE: On Windows, the WDM Sound Device in Windows Sound Properties is a single stereo playback device, with fixed routing to Returns 37/38- this is shown as StudioLive WDM 1/2 in sound settings. For System Sound playback on Windows, be sure to select 37/38 as the Tape In USB source.

**You do need to higher up the Tape Input channel by adjusting the control on the screen above or adjust the fader on the mixer. 


Windows System Audio Playback Configuration

In order use the mixer as a USB Audio Device with Windows, you must install the latest Universal Control software/driver for your product.  Universal Control can be found in your PreSonus User Account under your product registration, or it can be found here:


After you have downloaded and installed Universal Control, you will have the ability to use ASIO or WDM drivers for your applications.  


To play back Windows System Audio (media player, youtube, etc.):


1.  Make sure that your StudioLive is powered on and connected via USB.



2.  Make sure that you've configured your Tape In channel as described above, so that the "Tape Edit" section has the Tape In source set to USB and the USB input channels set to 37/38.


3.  On your Windows system, Right-Click on the Speaker in the lower right hand corner > Click "Open Sound Settings."



4.  Make sure to find and select your StudioLive 32 device and select it as the Default Input and Output Device. For Output "WDM 1/2" correspond to USB 37/38.



You should now be able to play back audio from your computer to the Tape In channel on your StudioLive Series III mixer. 



Mac OSX System Audio Playback Configuration

NOTE:  The StudioLive Series III mixers are USB Class Compliant audio devices supported natively by Apple's Core Audio, so no driver installation is necessary for playback over USB. For control of the mixer with UC Surface, you will need to install the Universal Control software.

Found here:


To play back OSX System Audio (iTunes, youtube, etc.):


1.  Click on the Apple in the upper left hand corner and go to "System Preferences" > Click on "Sound" in System Preferences.



2.  In the "Output" tab, make sure to select the "StudioLive 32" device from the list.



This designates the StudioLive Series III mixer as the Sound Output device for OSX System Audio. By default, OSX uses the first two channels of any device. This means that by default, system audio playback will output to the USB Returns of Channels 1 and 2 on the mixer.

In OSX, it is possible to choose what device channels that are used to output audio to.

To have system audio playback output to the Tape In channel, you must change the default output routing for the device you're using for audio playback:



3. Open Applications on your Mac in a New Finder Window > Go to "Utilities > Click on Audio MIDI Setup



4.  Select the "StudioLive 32" in the list of devices and click on the "Output" Tab. At the bottom of the dialog box should be a "Configure Speakers" option.



5.  On the Stereo mode selection, make sure to change the input for Left and Right to 37/38 respectively.  Click "Apply" and "Done" when finished. 



Ensure that the StudioLive Series III mixer is still selected as the Sound Output device for system audio playback, as described in steps 1 and 2 above.

You should now be able to play back audio from your computer to the Tape In channel on your StudioLive Series III mixer.

NOTE: This is also how you can configure system audio playback to output to any channel on your mixer.



Please contact PreSonus Technical Support by creating a Support Ticket at for further assistance.

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